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March 28, 2006


Sam Smith

'Navel gazing solar system' - I like that.

I think you're right about the fact that the comments in the bio perpetuate an unhelpful stereotype of women in the profession but I also think you could be right about the whole thing being a set-up. It's generating quite a bit of hype and the Edelman response seems to be well orchestrated - could it be that it's been an elaborate attempt by Edelman to generate publicity to which they can respond? No news is bad news as they used to say in 'old media'

John Wagner

Interesting, too, that Edelman is quick to respond here but was generally silent about the Wal-Mart blogger issue.

I'm jus' sayin' ... that's all.

Usher Lieberman

Way too much of a risk to Edelman's brand to scheme something like this (IMHO.) If there's a setup, someone has it in for the guy now in Krempasky's sights.

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