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August 29, 2006



I linked to your site when I did a google search on Michelle Vanek. It is a story that I have thought about often over the past year. I am 43, married and the father of three so it hits home. I started hiking 14ers last August and have done 25 over this last year. I did Holy Cross on Sunday with a friend. We did the Halo Ridge route which Michelle Vanek and her friend did as well. I didn't realize that until reading the stories again. As you know, it is about 3 miles longer than the standard route. It still surprises me that he didn't realize what trailhead to take. Both are clearly marked in the parking area. And, it seems like I have read two versions of the story and not sure if it is just a difference in reporting. Did he actually tell her to traverse from her spot over to the standard trail? It is just such a tragic story.

So, here is my question: Did family members and friends still continue to go up there to this day looking for clues? Any update?

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