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July 13, 2005


david parmet

I think if Russell had a big fat "I think PR peeps are morons" in his MM profile, he'd STILL get a ton of irrelevent pitches from PR folks.

That's the nature of the business.

And I'm pretty sure MM asks before listing, at least that's my understanding from the media folks I know who are listed there.

james governor

not sure about the mediamap point - rubel and beattie are both a-listers, and are surely aware of each other. i dont see how rubel could have avoided beattie. that's what makes the spat so much fun.

Eric Eggertson

I agree about the spat being a good thing. If some people in Camp A think all the people in Camp B are morons (or, let's say he used different words and called us insensitive and sometimes sloppy), then it's time to have some dialogue about what Camp A and Camp B are trying to do, and whether there's some common ground.

Usher Lieberman

David - I'm not sure about MM profiles, i.e. I know I can add new people to the database (I've never done that) but I don't know if they appear globally. If he did ok the profile, well then, I have no sympathy, he gave his consent to being put on media lists and receiving pitches and being treated like a traditional reporter.

James - Steve should know better, and this has been fun to watch. I find it interesting that Steve also has a media map profile - interesting because there's something inherently strange about one PR person pitching another - which of course has a lot in common with Steve and Russ' little flare up...an evangelist is involved in the business of PR at some level.

Eric - I think we all feel a little better already - I know I do - after this little venting of hot air ;).

Tom Murphy


Congratulations on the new blog. Should I be worried that the link to my post is entitled 'hypocrites'?


Usher Lieberman

Tom - Just pointing out that you did a nice job of exposing a hypocrite.

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